So You Want To Be a Uber Driver

So you want to be an uber driver

Need A Rider

So let me start out by saying,  so you want to be an uber driver . So then let me ask you why do you want to be an uber driver? If it is all about money and you just want to be a driver you are in for a surprise. Before you jump into it you have to think about what you are going to gain form working 12 hours a day for between $60 to $100.00 dollars a day.


Out of 100 percent Uber keeps 25% which is most of the gravy and you get the other 75% which mostly cost. If you drive 12 hours, five days a week you will make $500.00. That may not look to bad to some people but it doesn’t look so good when you consider that 54 percent of that is cost so do you own  math.

Just driving is not all you have to do. You have to consider when you decide to quit for the day you still have a lot more work to do. When you get home and park you car there is getting it ready for the next day. If you want to make some tips (which is all profit) the car has to be clean and smells great. If you get a complement on how nice your car is you generally are getting a tip. A lot of times the tip may be larger than the fare. Many times I have gotten as high as a  $5.00 tip from a $3.00 fare.

On my next post I will explain on how to keep your vehicle in great shape and my secret on how to cut your work at the end of the day with some great products to keep you car looking  and smelling great. Some drivers smoke in their vehicles and you may not smell it but your customer will if they do not smoke themselves. Well i use a product that they will never be able to tell even if you smoke cigars in it.

There our to parts to keeping you car clean. You have the inside and the out side and i only use two products to take care of both areas.

Part one is to rid your car of all odors so you will need an air machine to do the job right. I am not talking about sprays that just cover up orders but this product eliminate them altogether. I have 2 of these in my home on 24 hours a day and my home is completely odorless and i believe germ free. The idea of getting the germ out of the car make me feel more comfortable letting my family get in after the end of the day. I take sick people to the doctors and hospitals all the time so i know there are germs and i want to eliminate them every day. If you would like to see how the work you can check the air machines here. It is ten times better then the spray stuff as  you are not getting your seat wet all the time which causes more problems.

If you have any doubt about air restorethe air machine let me tell you that i have one in the bathroom. It keeps it sweat smelling  and it  use to get mold on my shower curtain and after putting it in there the problem was solved. I also have one in the living room and when i come in at night the entire house smells like it was just cleaned with bleach and i believe it keeps it germ free.

The second product i use is called the Best Organized Method (BOM). With one small bottle of water i can clean the entire car inside and out including all the glass and even the tires with this product. So while i am waiting for a call i clean and wax the car with one product. While sitting around you can do this ever day and it gets faster every time  you do it. You can order it here and watch a video in a few weeks.

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